lilithbytes (lilithbytes) wrote in queervegans,

Q.vegan roll call

Hey.  Everyone.
Community is really a word everyone should be able to identify with.  I would say that I am very comfortable and proud of the fact that I'm a queer vegan and I enjoy others who share my opinions, beliefs, unicorns etc about being queer and vegan.  This is a roll call, to see who's out there, especially current subscribers to this community - even though this community is a little bit snowed in (it seems), I'd like to offer a connection to anyone who wants to make it with me, via my own journal  Some of you out there I already know and love, but if you want someone who will read your journal and support your choices as a queer vegan, I'd love to help out.  It gets more than a little difficult sometimes taking on the challenges and obstacles of a less than caring mainstream.

I'm not political and this isn't about waves of activism and protest, it's a personal journal about my own unique experiences and adventures as I move into editing and publishing, its basically a call for support from the community I most endear.  So this is a blog roll call - If you want someone to add your blog, just leave your info in the comments.

With love and future dreams. 
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